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Terms and Conditions

Notice periods

We generally require 7 working days notice after full submission of paperwork to plan shoots in our locations. However, for large or complex shoots, or where we are exceptionally busy, we are likely to require much longer. Shorter timescales may be possible, but this is subject to a preliminary discussion first.

Filming times

Filming in our stations may only take place between 10am and 4pm, Monday to Friday. There is no time restriction at the weekend. Overnight filming can be arranged at a higher fee, with sufficient notice. South West Trains may permit peak time filming, but this is subject to a preliminary discussion first.


Before your shoot can go ahead, you are required to submit a filming application form, a copy of your public liability insurance, a signed and dated site specific risk assessment and a method statement. You will need to detail the equipment you intend to bring on site, including props. We will review this documentation, and when accepted, will provide you with a location agreement before taking full payment.

Cancellation Fee

In the event that the filming or photography is cancelled with more than two working days written notice a cancellation fee will be charged of 50% of the location fee. In the event that the filming or photography is cancelled with two working days written notice or less the Licensee will be charged 100% of the location fee. All cancellation fees are exclusive of staff costs which will be added to the final fee.


If your filming requires you to set up equipment such as camera dolly or jib, or lighting (all of which must be accepted by Network Rail in advance through the submission of your paperwork), you will be required to barrier off all of your equipment while you work.
ny crew members carrying out this work will be required to wear high visibility jackets and steel toe capped boots and, potentially, other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). It may also be necessary for other crew members to wear high visibility jackets while filming.
If working at height, any ladders or mobile platforms used must be of a non-conductive material. Working at height in a station constitutes a high risk activity and will require both a permit to work, and additional approvals.


PLEASE NOTE: You are responsible for providing all required PPE, barriers and ladders. Network Rail will not provide this for you.


Safety briefings

If you are filming in one of our stations, you and your crew will be required to sign in to the station reception, and attend a safety brief before you can commence filming. This will happen 30 minutes before your scheduled shoot time so you need to make time for this in your schedule. You will all need valid photo ID for this purpose. The time and place of your briefing will be confirmed with you before your shoot goes ahead. If briefing a large group, this can be arranged in advance. At the briefing, you will be given ID, which must be worn at all times when in the station.

Getting the go signal

When your application has been processed, your risk assessment accepted and you have signed and returned your location agreement and paid the filming fee, your shoot has the go-ahead. Please read the agreement fully, and ensure you and all your crew are familiar with your risk assessment and method statement, as you will be required to abide by these documents at all times. Any failure to abide by these documents may result in the termination of your shoot.


If you have read and understood the information above, click the button below to indicate your agreement to these provisions and to access the filming application form.

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