Additional conditions

Additional conditions for London St. Pancras International

The following conditions are specific to shooting within London St. Pancras International and are in addition to our standard filming conditions.

For filming in the Champagne Bar, in St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, on the forecourt, or with Eurostar area
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  • Ladders are not permitted anywhere on the upper level
  • Boom microphones are not permitted anywhere on the upper level or on platforms.  Radio or hand held microphones must be used
  • Generators are not permitted anywhere within St Pancras International.  Local power can be arranged with sufficient notice.

Heritage restrictions

St Pancras International is a Grade-I listed building.  It is not be possible to attach anything to the fabric of the building.  Additional heritage restrictions will apply.

Lighting / flash

Screens will be required when filming in the Champagne Bar to avoid reflection.


The bays on Pancras Road are the jurisdiction of the London Borough of Camden.


  • With the exception of Eurostar, all platforms in St Pancras International are the jurisdiction of High Speed 1.  Filming on platforms is managed on their behalf by Network Rail
  • If filming trains, permission must be sought from the train operating company, which must give no objection.  Fees may apply.


‘Filming in progress’ signs must be produced in accordance with St Pancras International brand guidelines, available upon request.