We understand this is a very difficult time for all.  In line with advice from Public Health England, we will be halting filming in our stations and on our property for the foreseeable future (different rules apply to news gathering).  We remain open and available throughout this time and will offer as much support as we can for future enquiries.

Golden rules of safety

Golden rules of safety

Our golden rules of safety are generic and not exhaustive and apply to all projects using our locations, regardless of size or scale. 

When applying to film, each production must provide a risk assessment which identifies the risks that may arise during the proposed activity, and presents suitable actions to mitigate these.  This assessment is the responsibility of the production, and Network Rail disclaims liability to the extent permitted by law.  

The following are our most common non-negotiable rules which should help keep you and others safe. These must be read and followed alongside our lifesaving rules.

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