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Risk assessment

Risk assessment

What should I include in my Risk Assessment?

Network Rail is a safety critical company which means we are committed to the safety of our staff, contractors, passengers and visitors.  We believe everyone has the right to get home safe every day – you can read more about our safety vision here.  We take safety seriously and as you want to work within, or on our property, we expect you to do so too.

Your Risk Assessment is an essential part of your application.  Unless it is thorough, both it and your application will be deferred until it is fit for purpose.  If you are unsure on how to proceed the guidance below should assist you, but if you require further assistance you might wish to consult the HSE or enlist the help of a competent person, who will know what hazards to identify and what control measures to put in place.  The Risk Assessment must be activity and site specific in order for it to be accepted.

It needs to tell us what your intended activities are, where on our property they are to take place, and with what equipment.  You need to identify what the hazards are; who is at risk; and why they are at risk.  Following this you need to tell us how you are going to reduce the risk and how you will continue to monitor this throughout your filming, and who will be responsible for the monitoring.

You should ensure you read all within this section, however, as a bare minimum, all shoots need consider and state control measures in the following four categories :

  • Collisions
  • Safe Distances
  • Security and Storage
  • Equipment

TIP : Your Risk Assessment is much more likely to be accepted if you explicitly state what you won’t be doing or using as much as what you will. For instance, if you are only using a camera and tripod, you can state "No other equipment will be used".