Glasgow catacombs

6th March, 2020

Beneath the platforms of Glasgow Central station you’ll find a maze of corridors, staircases, storage rooms and even a disused Victorian platform.

London Waterloo service tunnels

4th March, 2020

Waterloo's secret passages are a mixture of tunnels, corridors, roads and other disused spaces.

Midland Street arches

13th February, 2020

Dark, atmospheric and located in the heart of Glasgow, the scale of this location is perfect for ambitious projects.

Stratford International car park

23rd September, 2019

Just moments away from the station, the Olympic Park and Westfield lies our smart and spacious multi-storey with six levels.

London Paddington service tunnels

19th September, 2019

Hidden beneath Paddington's platforms you'll find a network of tunnels, corridors and disused spaces, ideal for murky or covert sequences.

Disused platforms

28th August, 2019

Looking for an empty platform for maximum control? At Preston we have three to choose from!

New measurement train

1st April, 2019

Our high tech 'flying banana' is a one of a kind super-train, unique on the network and perfect for those looking for something special.

Westwood training centre

25th March, 2019

Our leadership academy offers a wide variety of locations on a single site. With landscaped grounds and water features, it also has restaurants, a gym and even a swimming pool.

The Quadrant:MK

22nd June, 2018

Our headquarters in Milton Keynes is a stunning, modern office building with a striking atrium.

Test track (RIDC)

21st June, 2018

With 10 miles of operational track, tunnels and disused platforms, our RIDC can be hired exclusively for larger projects.

Manchester Piccadilly station car park

21st June, 2018

Striking copper contemporary car park which blends in wonderfully with the surrounding red brick buildings.

Kings Court

21st June, 2018

A small and quaint shopping arcade which caters for both mainstream and bohemian tastes.

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