Glasgow catacombs

6th March, 2020

Beneath the platforms of Glasgow Central station you’ll find a maze of corridors, staircases, storage rooms and even a disused Victorian platform.

London Waterloo service tunnels

4th March, 2020

Waterloo's secret passages are a mixture of tunnels, corridors, roads and other disused spaces.

Victoria and Waterloo tunnels

7th January, 2020

Beneath the streets of Liverpool there is a complex network of tunnels, the largest two being Victoria and Waterloo.

Alfreton old tunnel

7th January, 2020

Almost half a mile long in a straight line, this wide once double-tracked tunnel is located 30 minutes from Nottingham.

London Paddington service tunnels

19th September, 2019

Hidden beneath Paddington's platforms you'll find a network of tunnels, corridors and disused spaces, ideal for murky or covert sequences.

Disused platforms

28th August, 2019

Looking for an empty platform for maximum control? At Preston we have three to choose from!

Ouse Valley viaduct

30th May, 2019

The intricate and unique design of this viaduct provides film-makers and photographers with an impressive backdrop.

York Road tunnel

24th April, 2019

In the atmospheric King's Cross area, our curved tunnel is an exciting and flexible find. Available from January 2021.

Standedge tunnels

24th April, 2019

At 3.5 miles long in a straight line - and with two disused parallel chambers - the Standedge tunnels are an amazing find.


3rd August, 2018

With nearly 1,000 railway arches, it's likely you'll find the perfect location for your shoot here.

Dark arches

21st June, 2018

The dark arches under Leeds station are a maze of small tunnels, which will suit productions of all sizes.

Liverpool Lime Street

20th June, 2018

Liverpool, one of the most vibrant and film-friendly cities in the UK, is serviced by this beautiful station.

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