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Aerial filming

Aerial filming

The popularity of drones and helicopters has increased in the last few years and we recognise their importance to the industry.  Be aware that as laws exist to protect the railway infrastructure and prevent nearby aerial operations, you will need our permission prior to any flights.  The guidance below explains the application procedure if you are planning to use either.

Drone (UAV) filming requests

Depending on the distance between your UAV and our infrastructure, you'll need to apply in one of two ways :

  • flying further than 50m away from the railway, use our UAV Filming Application (Over 50m+) form, downloadable below.  At least 2 working days notice is required
  • flying within 50m of the railway, use our UAV Filming Application (Within 50m-) form, downloadable below.  At least 14 working days is required and a non-refundable fee of £500+VAT will be applied on receipt.

Completed forms need to be submitted to both droneenquiries@networkrail.co.uk and filming@networkrail.co.uk.

Helicopter filming requests

Permission to film with helicopters near our infrastructure (i.e. within 500ft) is given only on a case-by-case basis.  The minimum timescale for these considerations is one month and a non-refundable consideration fee of £1,000+VAT will be charged, although additional fees may apply if successful.  Please contact us directly via filming@networkrail.co.uk for more information.