Aerial filming

Aerial filming

The desire to use drones and helicopters as camera positions has increased considerably in the last few years and we recognise its popularity in the industry.  There are laws in place, however, which safeguard railway infrastructure preventing aerial operations nearby without our permission.  Depending on what you're looking to achieve, one of the following methods of approach is required prior to any aerial filming being undertaken.

Drone (UAS) filming requests

Depending on flight distances from our infrastructure, two separate methods of request exist :

  • For requests to fly beyond 50m (or beyond 150m in congested areas), we ask you notify us using the UAV Filming Notification beyond 50m (+150m) form, downloadable below, sending it both to and  There is no minimum notice period associated with this and no fee
  • For requests to fly within 50m (or within 150m in congested areas), you will be required to apply using the UAV Filming Application within 50m (-150m) form, downloadable below sending it both to and  A timescale of 14 working days is required and a non-refundable consideration fee of £500+VAT will be required on receipt of an application.  Take note that the following are required in support of the application :
    • filming application
    • A current CAA permission certificate
    • A current public liability insurance certificate
    • A detailed plan of the flight including taking off zone(s) and landing zone(s), height/distance of the flight
    • Risk assessment and method statements
    • Total UAV weight when fully laden

Helicopter filming requests

Permission to film with helicopters near to our infrastructure (i.e. within 500ft) is given only on a case-by-case basis.  The minimum timescale for these considerations is one month and a non-refundable consideration fee of £1,000+VAT will be required on receipt of an application.  Additional fees, such as for staff attendance, may additionally apply.  Please contact us direct for further information regarding these requests.