We understand this is a very difficult time for all.  In line with advice from Public Health England, we will be halting filming in our stations and on our property for the foreseeable future (different rules apply to news gathering).  We remain open and available throughout this time and will offer as much support as we can for future enquiries.

Filming near the railway

Filming near the railway (Asset Protection and Optimisation)

If you are filming on private land but near the railway line, you may need our permission for certain activities as we must keep the railway safe.

These activities can include, but are not limited to:

  • lighting, where a light source or reflection could be in view of train drivers
  • special effects, such as rain, fog and smoke etc. which could drift on to the railway
  • cranes, jibs etc. which are within a fall-zone of our infrastructure
  • applying fixings to our assets, or covering signage

Permissions are issued by the relevant Route Asset Protection and Optimisation team.  To get permission for any of these activities or similar, you will need to complete a development questionnaire (downloadable below), and send it to the relevant team copying in  You can find out which team to approach - based on your location - from the contact map below.

Once your questionnaire has been received, it will be assessed and a site visit arranged if needed.  The Asset Protection team may need you to sign a Basic Asset Protection Agreement (BAPA) where fees will be applied - you can read more about these on Asset Protection team's dedicated page linked above.  Due to the high number of enquiries, you usually need to give 28 days notice. If you have less time, we advise you complete this process anyway, as sometimes the lead-in can be reduced.

Should you have any questions about the Asset Protection team, please contact us.

Drones/helicopters are dealt with differently, so please visit our dedicated aerial filming page for further advice.