UPDATE - 04.08.2020

We’re back!  Applications are now being taken for filming at station locations using social distancing filming agreements.  We’re adding more stations regularly, so check back frequently for updates.  Thank you for your continued patience.


Fees and other costs

Our fees are divided into bands based on production type, people numbers and time needed.  Some locations are subject to minimum rental periods.

Social distancing filming agreements

At the moment, film and television crews working with us will need to comply with social distancing measures. 

In stations, all filming will need to go through the social distancing filming agreement (SDFA), available soon. Limits will be placed on locations and crew sizes. All crews completing the SDFA will need to provide an additional Covid-19 risk assessment.

Anyone filming outside the station environment will be able to apply through the application portal. But our team will need to review your Covid-19 risk assessment, along with other relevant paperwork.

Because of these changes, our fees have altered slightly.

Additional costs

If you intend to film with more than 11 people you may need a staff escort. The cost of this will be added to your filming fee.

All tables provide a guideline only. Final fees may increase depending on activity, impact, length of use and the notice period provided.

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