COVID-19 UPDATE - 19.07.2021

Due to the ongoing pandemic, we are currently assessing all shoots on a case-by-case basis.  Please submit an enquiry form or call us direct before making an application.  Further information is available on our safety guidance page.  We thank you for your continued patience. 

Safety guidance

Safety guidance

We are a safety critical company, committed to the health and wellbeing of our staff, contractors, passengers and visitors.  We take our responsibility seriously and expect you to do so too.  You can read more about our safety vision here.

The railway carries high risks.  We've put some information together below on what rules you need to know, as well as things to think about when writing your risk assessment.  COVID-19 has brought added challenges, so you'll need to evidence what industry guidance you'll be following and what additional measures you'll put in place. 

  1. watch our golden rules video below.  It sets out some of the common DOs and DON'Ts
  2. review our house rules and suggestions beneath.  You'll need to add those that apply into your risk assessment
  3. write your risk assessment.  Getting this right is essential as it shows us your shoot can be safe.  Remember to keep it site specific.  Risk assessment is an ongoing process and someone senior will need to monitor risk levels during the shoot.

For help on writing risk assessments, visit the HSE.  If you don't feel confident writing your own risk assessment you should consult a competent person who will know what hazards to identify and what control measures to put in place.

TOP TIP: It helps to be clear about what you're doing.  For example, if you're only using a camera and tripod, write "No other equipment will be used".

Click the below drop-down list to view our house rules.