Small-scale Filming Agreements

Small-scale Filming Agreements (SSFA) / Short notice

Productions wishing to film within our stations totalling five persons or less need to apply using our Small-scale Filming Agreement (SSFA) form, downloadable below.  Productions with fast turnarounds will need to apply this way also.  SSFAs greatly condense the application procedure and carry a single application fee (see here for details) and therefore only the following equipment can be considered :

  • Hand-held camera
  • Monopod
  • Tripod
  • Steadicam
  • Camera slider (1mtr max)
  • Wireless monitor
  • Hand-held microphone
  • Reflector (1.2mtr2 max; not Silver/Gold/Green/Red)
  • Radio microphones

Forms need to be completed electronically (not handwritten) and submitted to, along with a valid Public Liability Insurance certificate (minimum indemnity of £5m) and any other relevant documents.

NOTE : These applications are for filming at our stations only, all other requests need to apply using the standard application available here.  Applicants seeking to film within three working-days are strongly advised to call us prior to submission.