UPDATE - 04.01.2022

Due to the ongoing pandemic
, we currently assesses all shoots on a case-by-case basis.  Please submit an enquiry form or call us direct before making an application.  Further information is available on our safety guidance page.  We thank you for your continued patience.

Small-scale filming agreements

Small-scale filming agreements (SSFA)

Productions with 15 people or less should apply for station filming using our small-scale filming agreement (SSFA) form.  Productions that want to film within five working days at our stations must use these forms.

SSFAs are quicker, simpler and are usually the cheapest option (see fees).  They are less flexible than the standard application, and place restrictions on filming locations, crew numbers and equipment.  Only the following equipment is allowed :

  • hand-held camera
  • monopod
  • tripod
  • steadicam
  • camera slider (1 metre maximum)
  • hand-held or radio microphones (not boom poles)
  • reflector (1.2 metre2 maximum; not silver/gold)
  • wireless monitor.

Forms need to be filled out electronically (not handwritten) and sent to filming@networkrail.co.uk, with a valid public liability insurance certificate (with a minimum indemnity of £5m) and any other documents.

COVID-19 UPDATE : Due to current restrictions, some locations may not be available at the time you want to shoot and crew numbers limited.  Each application will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and we will advise you what will be possible.  All applications need to provide a Covid-19 risk assessment.