UPDATE - 04.08.2020

We’re back!  Applications are now being taken for filming at station locations using social distancing filming agreements.  We’re adding more stations regularly, so check back frequently for updates.  Thank you for your continued patience.


Minimum timescales

The list below shows our minimum timescales for each filming type. These may increase for more complex shoots.  

We will only consider applications complete with all supporting documents.

Small-scale filming agreements

  • five working days; under five working days has a higher cost.

Crews of up to 25 people

  • initial enquiry - 10 working days
  • standard applications - seven working days for Network Rail stations;
    10 working days for all other locations.

Crews of between 26-50 people

  • initial enquiry - 15 working days
  • technical recce - 12 working days
  • application submission - 10 working days.

Crews of 51+ people

  • initial enquiry - six weeks
  • technical recce - 15 working days
  • application submission - 15 working days.

Booking specific trains into platforms

  • initial enquiry - 16 weeks
  • application submission - 14 weeks.