Minimum timescales

We've put our minimum timescales below so you know how far in advance you need to plan your shoot.  They're important as we need enough time to review and accept your plans (and all risk assessments) in order to keep you and your production safe.

Extra services, like booking out a platform for a train charter, can extend the lead in time considerably.  We've added them too so you can get an idea of how long it takes to organise, but it's probably best to speak to us before making an application as there are often other options which can achieve the result which you may not have considered.

To avoid rescheduling your shoot, we strongly advise you take note of our deadlines and advise your producer (where applicable) of the timeframes we work to as they are strictly enforced.

TOP TIP : While you're here, why not download our handy timescales tool and let our spreadsheet work out the dates for you?  It can tell if you have enough time if you're already working to a date; alternatively, it can give you an idea of when the first date is likely available.

Cast & crews (inc. SAs) of up to 10 people

  • Our stations only
  • five working days (requires an SSFA application)
  • less than five working days (additional £500 supplement).

Cast & crews (inc. SAs) of up to 50 people

  • enquiry - 15+ working days (depending on location)
  • tech recce - optional or if required
  • application, plans & RAMS - 12 working days.

Cast & crews (inc. SAs) of 51+ people

  • enquiry - 25+ working days (depending on location)
  • tech recce - 20 working days
  • application, plans & RAMS - 15 working days.

Train charter platform hire and necessary clearances 

  • diesel or electrically powered trains - 12 weeks
  • steam powered trains - 16 weeks
  • special (non-conforming) trains - 18 weeks.