Student filming

Student filming

We welcome student filming and photography in our stations, providing the content is for coursework at degree level or higher only and all participants are over 18 years of age.  Regrettably, we are currently unable to offer any other locations.  Due to our safety requirements, students need to factor in the following in addition to our golden rules of safety :

  • Filming can only be in main public areas.  This does not include platforms, back of house, or private areas
  • Lighting can only be used in areas non-visible to trains
  • Sound booms are not permitted.

To ease the burden of cost, we offer discounted student-rates for simple filming starting at £100+VAT for two hours.  Even though more ambitious/complex filming can at times be considered, our commercial 'corporate' rates would apply (see fees for a full breakdown of costs).  In the latter case, contact with our office prior to application is strongly recommended.

As we require the same documentation for student projects as we do for all other filming or photography, the risk assessment guidance page needs to be read prior to applications being made.  The checklist below notes what needs to be provided for a student shoot to be considered :

  • Online application
  • Public liability insurance certificate from the college or university
  • Risk assessment
  • Proof of student status for all crew (this can be Student IDs/letter of support from the college or university).