UPDATE - 04.08.2020

We’re back!  Applications are now being taken for filming at station locations using social distancing filming agreements.  We’re adding more stations regularly, so check back frequently for updates.  Thank you for your continued patience.

Social distancing filming agreements

Social distancing filming agreements (SDFA) STATIONS ONLY

Social distancing measures mean that people will be moving through our stations in different ways. Entrances and exits may become one way, and new queuing systems will be in place. For this reason, we will have to place limits on available locations, and crew sizes. All filming in our stations will need to go through the social distancing filming agreement (SDFA), available soon. Crews completing SDFAs will need to provide an additional Covid-19 risk assessment.

Locations will need to be contained within barriers, and only the equipment below will be allowable:

  • hand-held camera
  • monopod
  • tripod
  • steadicam
  • camera slider (1 metre max)
  • hand-held or radio microphones (not boom poles)
  • reflector (1.2 metres2 max; not Silver/Gold)
  • wireless monitor.

Forms will need to be completed electronically (not handwritten) and sent to filming@networkrail.co.uk.  You'll need to attach a valid public liability insurance certificate (minimum £5m indemnity) and any other documents relevant to the application.

At present, all persons within stations are required to wear face coverings by law unless they have a medical exemption.  This includes cast and background.  We understand this will be an issue to many of you, and we are working hard with our partners to see if further exemptions can be made.

Non-station locations

Many of our other locations will be available.

If you want to film in a non-station environment, you will be able to apply through the application portal.  We'll need to review your Covid-19 risk assessment, and see how you will comply with social distancing and current government guidelines.