We understand this is a very difficult time for all.  In line with advice from Public Health England, we will be halting filming in our stations and on our property for the foreseeable future (different rules apply to news gathering).  We remain open and available throughout this time and will offer as much support as we can for future enquiries.

Social distanced filming agreements

Social Distanced Filming Agreements (SDFA)

Our responsibility for keeping the country moving is as critical as ever while we transition to a new normal.  Current advice is for rail travel to be essential-only, but as passenger numbers increase, our stations will require more operational space than before to function safely.

Whilst we adjust to social distancing requirements, we are currently only able to offer filming within some of with crews of five persons or less should apply using our small-scale filming agreement (SSFA) form, downloadable below.

We are working hard to bring as many of our stations back online during this period.

In line with current guidance around social distancing, we are currently productions wishing to film at

In order for applications to be considered, only the following equipment can be used at these locations.

  • hand-held camera
  • monopod
  • tripod
  • steadicam
  • camera slider (1mtr max)
  • hand-held or radio microphones (not boom poles)
  • reflector (1.2mtr2 max; not Silver/Gold/Green/Red)
  • wireless monitor

Forms need to be completed electronically (not handwritten) and sent to, along with a valid Public Liability Insurance (minimum £5m indemnity) and any other documents relevant to the application.

PLEASE NOTE: Filming fees are non-refundable if withdrawn or cancelled by applicant within five working days of shoot.  Productions wishing to shoot within three working-days are advised to contact us prior to applying.